Thank you Pip for being there 


From the day i met you my life was filled with joy 

You made my life in something to enjoy  


It was love at first sight  

And you made it all alright  


You toke away my pain and sorrow  

With you on my side i was looking forward to tomorrow  


The luckiest girl in the world  

With your tail on your back curled  


Playing outside in the summer 

Even a rainy day was even a bummer  


You made me smile from ear to ear  

I wish you were still here  


Taking walks on the sidewalk  

How you in a crazy moment bark  


For hours I could talk with you  

We were a team, a real crew 


You left so suddenly  

It was way to early  


Life is empty without you in it  

I am gratefull I admit  


Gratitude for our time together  

 How you made my life matter  


The love you gave 

You where the sweetest dog, oh so brave  


Thank you for choosing me has your owner  

It was such a honor.