“The Tiger, a strong and individual creature. Most known for his courage, his very self in form and feature. The Tiger is a reminder to take notice of aromas and scents in your environment. This will help the safety of your surroundings and to interpret situations by the moment. He may point out to a recent event or situation that prompted you to show courage and determination. Telling you to keep faith and hold on to your strength, what will be your new foundation. The Tiger is an expert in overcoming obstacles and fears. Warning you when negative emotions overdues you and appears. Keep your thoughts strong, steady, calm, and positive. They will becoming more manageable, producing a causative. The Tiger has the natural ability to disappear and to vanish in the shadows. If the enemy is nearby, he is the one who follows. With the Tiger, fears and anxiety can get rid of your side. He will fight with you with what you normally try to reject or hide. Confidential, will be your new way of being. Vitality and health in your life are the new agreeing. The Tiger does the shadow work of annoyance. With his help you can turn it in to joyance. Night vision, a sensitive hearing are his intuitive abilities. Clairaudience and clairvoyance are part of the new you and your affinities. The tiger will help you to improve these talents and gifts. This will help you with your spiritual awakening shifts. The tiger is a spirit keeper, keeps you safe when you transform. Beware when the tiger roars, it is a sign of high wind and storms.” – Lisa de Hoogh